Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My mother and I are starting our 45-day Europe tour today. My mother is pretty excited, I'm rather apprehensive as I am really afraid of flying and I'm not sure what European countries are like. We are first flying from Melbourne to London Heathrow with Emirates, then from Heathrow to Prague with British Airways.

Our Emirates flight has 3 stops: Melbourne->Singapore (7.5 hrs), Singapure->Dubai (7.5 hrs) and Dubai->London (7.5 hrs).

The trip is organised such that we leave Melbourne on 19/June and arrive in London on 20/June, then fly to Prague on the same day. We will then spend 4 nights in Prague to see the city and present a poster at SemEval, then fly to London on the 24th of June. We will then spend 3 nights in London, then leave London on the 27th of June to join a 35-day guided tour (with Insight Vacations) to travel through 13 European countries. The last stop of this tour is in Paris, where we will leave the group and spend 1 extra night in Paris, then fly back to Melbourne on the 1st
of August, and arrive back in Melbourne on the 3rd of August.

My nice neighbour is gonna give us a lift to the airport.

Keeping an online journal is a rather new idea, you will probably realise that this post is published more than 10 days after I left Melbourne.

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