Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 3: Second day in Prague

The plan for today is to see the gardens on the hills next to the Prague Castle.

After breakfast, Karl, my mum and I took public transport to the new city of Prague. We got off our train at Mustek station which was at the foot of the Prague Castle hill. Karl wandered off towards the castle while my mum and I walked off to the gardens.

We couldn't see any obvious entrance to all these gardens, so we picked a path that was closest to us. This path led us through a district that had lots of cops and embassies. Anyway, we were already breathing pretty heavily by the time we got the end of that path as it was rather steep and narrow and had cars going in both directions all the time.

So, after that we went up and down on the hills for like 3 hours, and the gardens were pretty green with lots of trees and rocks. There was like a church somewhere on top of the hill, and a steel tower somewhere which you have to pay money if you want to go up to ... we didn't pay.

After we left the gardens, we had lunch at the same restaurant that we went to yesterday. Then we went to the famous bridge "Charles Bridge" which had lots of nice status on each side. The bridge was really nice, and packed with tourists like everywhere else in Prague.

Anyway, after the bridge, we went back to our hotel and I made preparations for the conference on the next day.

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